Senior Edition: 2017
Five Years from now …


The Class of 2017 is the future. Whether it be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a field that interests them, starting a masters degree program, going on to med school, starting their careers, or living their dream life in a spectacular location, this is where Kings’ current graduating senior class sees themselves five years from now:

Evan Bowman-Still in Ohio, probably unsure of my career path.

Claire Galberg-Out of college, possibly pursuing a masters, traveling and on my way to my first million. I’ll have a lot of cats I know that for sure.

Brendon Michael Vernon Guerin- Graduated and working for a hedge fund line Point72 Asset Management or an investment bank like Goldman Sachs.

Kirstin Mumbeck- Still in college, getting a masters.

Aaron Knific- Hopefully getting accepted into med school.

Nathan Gurley- Working in a high-end tech-based company such as Disney, Tesla, or P&G, or pursuing a graduate degree in computer science.

Chloe Super- Medical school

Kyle Glennon- Unhappy and overall disappointed.

Kyle Ward- In the mirror of a camera, or maybe another form of reflection.

Alex Fliegel- Finishing up my degree in fashion design and living in New York City.

Lauren Goslee- Hopefully dating _____ and graduated from college.

Sonia Blizzard- Somewhere else, not here.

Loulu Kimbrell- Working in a hospital as a registered nurse.

Ciera Johnson- Graduated from college and having a job in sales or social media marketing.

Mikayla Werner- I see myself teaching kids.

Dylan Bird- Studying for my final exams.

Isaac Slavens- Teaching music

Hunter Nosek- Graduated, looking for work.

Andrew Bailey- Being a psychologist, helping people who need it.

Justin Edsell- Probably still in college, drowning in debt and existential tears.

Daniel Lee- Graduate school

Erik Pederson- Studying for finals.

Gracyn Vazquez- Working as a nurse at Children’s Hospital.

Erin Muenchen- In college about to graduate with an engineering degree.

Jessie Bilbrey- Finishing law school and looking for a stable job.

Kaitlyn Snow- Hopefully still in school to become a nurse practitioner.

Kaleb Stutzman- Political coup

Merissa Edsell- Hopefully graduating with my undergrad in pre-vet and have two French Bulldogs.

Scott Hardesty- President of America

Anders Wikum- Running a tech startup, working at spaceX or Tesla, grad school.

Skyler Reisinger- Worshipping the Greek gods in a miniature Parthenon I hand built in the Badlands of Eastern California.

Haley McCrory- Graduating from college and working at Johnson & Johnson in Hawaii.

Thomas Yoder- In California, working for Google or Neuralink.

Ethan Cain- In medical school at University of Vermont, in crippling debt.

Michael Havrilla- Graduating college, hopefully having an internship somewhere at a business.

Jared Doll- Akron

Gavin McGarrity- Starting my career as a chemist.

Olivia Doyle- Working downtown in a super artsy building/environment. My first year out of school, maybe interning.

Andrea Montenegro- Not here.

Teagan Bays- In a job that pays enough to support a dog…or two.

Dustin Dezarn- Owning every generation of the Pokemon games.

Dom Karvelis- With a computer science degree and a job.

Megan McMahon- Hopefully not living in my parents’ basement.

Emily Flecker- Hopefully going to grad school somewhere warm and being happy with my major and not taking everything so seriously.

Abi Conway- Working

Kelly Hock- Teaching kindergarten

Taishi Okamoto- Still in college or having a job.

Julia Belliveau- Graduating, hopefully teaching English in Japan.

Robbie Niemeyer- Starting a new job and living.

Avery Roe- Med school

Ee Yeoh Wong- In California, working.

Matt Sichterman- The NFL or still in college

Jacleen Baronti- Rich and famous

Katie Davalos- I see myself getting married and helping children.

Beatriz Ortiz- Fresh out of college and trying to get a job.

Evan Warner- Grad school

Morgan Reece- Living in New York City (hopefully).

Rainy Woods- I will have my dream job as a physical therapist and athletic trainer and hopefully have my own place.

Makani Neal- Flexing on all these broke boys.

Katie Phil- Graduated from college and moving far from Ohio, hopefully into the city.

Noah Edwards- In Los Angeles, making music.

Erin Ryan- In my first year of my nursing job and hopefully not in too much debt.

Sam Purkiss- In tears. In debt. In depression.

Camryn Gostel- In the Air Force, as a pilot?

Katlyn Merry- Med school

Adriann Bruemmer- In debt, alone, and hungry.

Avery Young- In the Peace Corps after graduating from FSU.


by Madison Lunsford

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