Humans of Kings
Holiday Memories
 By Lauren Steele

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

IMG_0696“My favorite Christmas memory is probably when we had to tell our family that we were moving. Even though it was kind of a sad moment, it was kind of a time where our family just bonded and spent that time together. Especially since it was my whole family, like my grandparents and everybody.”

                                                         Thomas Spencer


“We always play games and we all get competitive, so we always end up fighting. That’s my favorite thing.”

Jordyn Rhodes


IMG_0689“Just putting the decorations up on the tree with my family together.”

Gabby Holland






“My family plays white elephant during Christmas, so I buy something that I want, and then I don’t get it because you have to pass it around and people take it.”

Lexi Oliver



IMG_0690“I get together with all the sides of my family on Christmas Eve, and that’s really cool. I just get to see everyone that I don’t really get to see usually. So I start at my mom’s side of the family and then I go to my dad’s side of the family and then we go to bed and wake up to do all the Christmas morning stuff.”

Sydney Theiss


IMG_0692“My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with my family and spending time together.”

Lakyn Cefalu

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