Humans of Kings
Holiday Memories
By Jess Harmon

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

IMG_0688“Christmas morning is always a good holiday memory for me. One time when I was like eight, I got a freaking little claw machine for Christmas! I was so excited.”

Alex Muccino


“I don’t remember which Christmas it was, but, uh one time during Christmas, the power went out and my dad had to make cookies on a grill.”

Cody Cooke



“Waking up on Christmas morning and waiting for my parents to get ready. We would sit on the top of the stairs and my dad would walk down the stairs and be like ‘Oh! Santa didn’t come this year!’ and then we’d run downstairs and look at all of the presents.”

Hannah Kaiser



“Watching funny Christmas movies with my family every year.”

Beth Walker

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