Far & Away
Exchange students learn the ropes

Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli

EXCHANGE STUDENT (4)For over 13 years now, Kings has been accepting three exchange students per year. With spots easily filled, Kings continues the tradition this year and welcomes students from Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Sophie Moeller, 16, is from Thuringen, Germany and will be staying with the Palmer family until June. Berta Garcia, 15, from Madrid, Spain is also staying until June with the Paulson family. Finally, Cecilia Rolle, 16, from Turin Italy, is staying with the Ruggiero family until January.

Even though the three have been practicing English for years, the girls agreed they came here to learn better English, and also “to see a new culture,” says Garcia.

Classes are no different to the girls here than at home. They take the classes they need to keep up in school back in their home country, ranging from normal classes to AP.

To join the program, applicants “take an English test and fill information out about their family, interests, and why they want to be here” said KHS Counselor Heidi Murray, who is incharge of the exchange student program.

From their, student profiles are sent to the school and host families choose the student they want to host. There are only three openings available each year so it’s first come first served.

The girls agreed that they are adjusted to the school for the most part and are learning their way around a very different community.

“I live in a big city,” Rolle says.  “We are clustered together in flats.”

The same goes for Garcia: “I miss walking everywhere,” she said. “I could get to any part of Madrid.”

They also explain the difference in schools. Kings is a lot bigger than what they’re used to, and is more involved in sports.

“If you want to do sports you have to go to another place,” Garcia says. All the girls are involved in sports back at home including volleyball, tennis, and even fencing.

Thanks to the program, the girls will be able to get the best experience they can at the school, and hopefully will accomplish what they came here for.

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