Madison Carter, 12


Kyra Van Nimwegan

Madison Cart, 12

“My favorite memory this year was homecoming. I went with a bunch of my closest friends and my boyfriend. I will never forget how much I danced and laughed with all of my friends. This year I branched out and talked to way more people than I did in previous years. I made way more friends and was able to have so much fun with them. I have been surviving quarantine by doing anything that gets me outside. I like to go on walks, runs, and bike rides.  During this time, I realized how thankful I am for my family and friends. I also realized how much school mattered to me. I miss being able to see my friends and teachers every day. If I could change one thing about my high school experience, it would be all the times I stressed over little things. I put way too much pressure on myself to excel in school and it added a bunch of stress to my senior year.  I am really looking forward to college and being able to start my own life and career. I am going into nursing and I couldn’t be more excited to start helping other people.”