Senior Edition 2016
What will you miss the most?


As the Kings seniors spend their last week at the high school, they look back on the past four years. They will soon be headed out into the real world, leaving the comfort of the school they’ve come to know. There is a lot of excitement as they look forward to the journey to come, but many of them will miss a lot of things here at Kings. The Knight Times asked them what they will miss:

Joseph Song – “Mr. Shields and his awesome class.”

Anthony Mussari – “DMA class.”

Elizabeth Kuhn – “Seeing Jordin Littles everyday, and all my friends I’ve made over the past 4 years.”

Mary Claire Bauman- “Seeing my friends everyday.”   

Sophie Jostworth- “Teachers; I have great relationships with a lot of my teachers and that is something I’ll miss in college”

Maddy McIntosh – “Being with my friends everyday, lunch time, Mrs. Thomas.”

Brooke Conner- “Seeing my friends and teachers everyday and being able to talk to them/keep up with what is going on in their lives.”

Ricky Brayton – “ Wrestling, and all the brotherhood’s it created”

Katrina Kessler- “The ease of seeing all my friends without the effort of making plans. Also my favorite teachers.”

Mackenzie Mettey – “Being a knight and hearing THE Doug Leist telling us to make today a “W”.”

Jenny Brown- “Knowing everyone that I see in the hallway and always feeling welcome in the community.”

Ben Jackson- “All of the incredible teachers.”

Patrick Ritchie- “Seeing the same people in different classes and knowing everyone.”

Trevor Zolotas- “Saying hi to all my friends in the hallway after every class.”

Peyton Mills- “Seeing all my friends everyday, especially Maddie Mettey since she’s going to Notre Dame.”

Madison Mettey- “Having a great support system of teachers and friends.”

Kaitlyn Frederick- “Seeing Weber’s and Doug Leist’s beautiful faces everyday.”

Meghan O’sullivan- “The teachers.”

Maddie DePaoli- “Constantly being ran into wherever I walk, waking up before the sun comes up and having college consistently crammed down my throat.”

Lindsay Leighton- “Seeing the same familiar faces everyday.”

Rachel Bernard- “Being with my friends the past 4 years.”

Hunter Ghobar- “Seeing friends.”

Katy Hampton- “Mr. Cordini!”

Alex Egan- “I will absolutely miss being around my friends.”

Rachel Rizzuto- “Knowing everyone in my grade.”

David Weed- “Knowing a lot of people, especially underclassman.”

Julia Lemmel- “The amazing people in the King’s community.”

Grace Palaparty- “Getting to know students and teachers at school.”

Katie Busemeyer- “Seeing my friends everyday.”

Julia Woodall- “Friends.”

Simon Melton- “The people. The teachers the most. The friendliness of the castle.”

Reagan Heck- “The teachers and how much they care.”

Kayden Whitaker- “Mr.Moore and Mr.Corradini.”

Jared Dorsa- “Senior year as a whole, KHS for life.”

Alex Driggers- “The debates in my social studies class.”

Ellie Centers- “Summer break.”

Brittani Berenz- “Seeing my friends everyday and performing with the marching band.”

Ella Jolicoeur- “Seeing friends everyday.”

Grace Ficke- “All the amazing people that I’ve grown to love, and may not ever see again.”

Juliana Rizzo- “The teachers, Spanish class, and seeing everyone I know in the hallways.”

Josh Rayman- “KFB.”

Blake Bockrath- “All of my friends.”

Nicholas Roetenberger- “My friends and teachers that I see everyday.”

William Forgham- “Destroying Ms. Milthaler’s remaining slim of sanity.”

Adrian Schmidt- “Skipping class.”

Brandon Woolley- “The people.”

Annie Dean- “Seeing all my friends everyday and running track.”

Kira Doebereiner- “Mrs. Snyder’s sassy sarcastic attitude and her inspiring tales of love gone wrong.”

Robert Wynn- “The friends and teachers.”

Madison Stowers- “Not having to pay for my textbooks.”

Jordan Yonkofski- “Living minutes aways from all my best friends.”

Braden Burnside- “Ms. Eldridge.”

Corinne Brown- “Making friends.”

Kellen Biesbrock- “My friends.”

Meagan Shelton- “The certainty/security you had going into each year. And my friends, because I’m going out of state next year.”

Madison Boeing- “Having the girls I grew up with a part of my everyday life.”

Robert Scott- “The staff and students I have met.”

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