Olivia Gatto, 12


I wish that I had been able to experience the last three months of high school, because I know that they’re the most exciting. I wish that I had gotten to graduate with all of my friends and walk across the stage. I wish that I had been able to do my last poetry slam, my last orchestra concert, my last school dance, and cherish my last moments in my favorite classes. I wish that I had gotten to say goodbye to it all… But I accept that these things are out of my control. I can wish for them all that I want, but it doesn’t change anything. The present moment is all we have, and while the future is unpredictable and out of our hands, we can still have hope. Our worlds are about to explode, bloom, and illuminate a purpose. In the grand scheme of things, we will find our own meaning as to why this happened to us, at seemingly the worst time. I believe with my whole heart that this will give us a new appreciation for life. We will care more, communicate more, be present more, and thrive more. It may seem like the door to senior year slammed shut in our faces, but the windows to our future were thrown open in the process. Everyone has a right to handle this differently. I choose to look forward.”