Gianna Annese, 12


Gianna Annese

Gianna Annese, senior.

“I’m really upset that it had to end like this of course, but at the end of the day it’s a cool story. I’m mostly upset about my choir. Since 8th grade I’ve been looking forward to that last concert. But in a way, we had it. I just hope everyone takes this as a time to think and heal and not a time of sadness. I didn’t realize how much having a job mattered to me. My work is shut down because of all of this and I never knew how much of an escape from reality it was for me. To cope with all of this I’ve been going on lots of walks and laying in my hammock. If I could change one thing from my senior year I would have not let my depression get to me. It stopped me from doing so many things and having so many experiences. After all of this is over I am looking forward to having more freedom and having many experiences that I couldn’t in high school.”