Cheerleaders reflect on fall season


Haley Ell

The Cheerleaders posing for their football season

Cheerleaders have finished their 2021 football season. A few girls try out to continue to prepare for the basketball season. Some chose not to cheer for their basketball players this year. 

“I just decided against it this year with all of my classes and I am a server at Larosa’s,” junior Grace Nelson said. 

“I am going to miss how close all of the girls were and all the fun memories we made over the season,” Nelson said. 

There’s a first for everyone, new incoming freshmen got to cheer for the first time for their high school football players.

“I really like it, you meet a lot of more people and there are a lot of new opportunities,”  freshman Paige Alford said. 

Cheerleaders welcome other schools cheerleaders, although there’s still rivalry between the two teams, there continues to be room for kind gestures. 

“On youth night when a game got delayed from the rain, the cheer team went under the bleachers and played music. The cheerleaders from the other team joined us too and we played volleyball,” sophomore Skylar Brandt said. 

The team thrives on creating memories throughout the season, with the goal of growing together as a family. 

“When we did a senior scavenger, the juniors drove the seniors around to different places in the community and has them perform tasks. At the end of the evening, we ended at the high school where they had their senior celebration. It was so fun and I’m glad the juniors got to plan that for them for their last year cheering football,” Nelson said. 

The girls are eager for the basketball season and will continue to bond with their teammates.

“I’m looking forward to getting to make new memories with my team,” Alford said.