College football Expands to 12 teams


Brooklyn Campbell

The games are all set, now it’s time to play

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) decided last summer to expand the college football playoffs to 12 teams starting in the 2024-25 season. As the playoffs approach the 12-team playoff is being evaluated once again by fans. 

“There is more room for chaos,” said an Auburn fan, Cody Powell

The new expansion would give more chances to smaller schools to compete for a national championship. For example, Kansas State (10) beat TCU (3) in the Big 12 Championship. But not all schools want an expanded playoff. 

“For smaller schools, bowl games are much more significant than playoffs,” said Tennessee fan Xander Moore”  UCONN( University of Connecticut) qualified to play in a bowl game this year and it caused their fans to storm the field.”

Bowl games bring excitement for colleges that aren’t powerhouses. This season 82 college programs will play in bowl games. Many of them wouldn’t be able to compete for playoff spots even with a 12-team playoff.

“Whilst it gives an opportunity to 1 team, it will only go the best of the best of the smaller schools,” said Moore

The teams who would benefit the most from an expanded playoff would be the larger schools. Powerhouses like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Michigan would almost be guaranteed playoff spots.

“I think the change will allow more schools to get five-star players,” said Offensive Coordinator for Ohio University Scott Isphording.

Five-star players are the best players coming from the high school level. They can change football programs from average to elite. Five-star players are what separate schools like Ohio University from powerhouses like Alabama


Ohio State beat Toledo 77-21, Ohio State’s talent was overwhelming for Toledo. (Katie Towslee)

“Teams no longer have to win every game to make the playoffs,” said Powell

Two bad games can ruin a power-five school’s chances of making the playoffs. While with the 12-game format two losses wouldn’t be killer. 

“The opportunity to watch say Ohio State vs Tennessee would be fun for fans,” said Moore

Watching powerhouse schools duel it out is always a must-watch football for fans. The media and fans both speculate how teams would match up and play each other. The 12-team format would give us those matchups. 

“I can see no negative effects of making the playoffs larger,” said Powell