Waldmann ends on a high note


Steve Waldmann, Manager of Business Affairs at Kings, is ending his Maddie DePaolicareer on a high note.

After recently announcing his retirement on Dec. 31, Waldmann was named 2015’s Outstanding Business Manager by Ohio’s Foundation for School Business Management, capping off a successful career that may surprise some people. 

For example, Waldmann hasn’t always been working in public schools. He began his career as a State Highway Patrolman for a short time. He then moved on to working at GE Aircraft Engines in security and facilities. After that he spent some time working for a chemical manufacturer and then landed a job at Princeton City Schools, launching his long tenure in education. He worked for a time in Batavia Local Schools, then made his way to Kings in 2004.

While at Kings, Waldmann has made many strides toward improving conditions for staff and students. Many of his achievements will remain permanent fixtures in the district for generations to come.

“I believe the construction of the stadium project and the renovations at waldmann1the high school and the junior high have all fit that effort,” Waldmann said.

Other improvements include projects making outdoor lunch canopies at the high school, a practice field irrigation system, as well as classroom improvements and courtyard upgrades. All while striving to save as much energy as possible at Kings, an initiative Waldmann has championed for years.

Of course he’s had his fair share of challenges to accompany the achievements. The most significant challenge In his early years at Kings was an indoor air quality issue which took quite a bit of effort to get under control. Waldmann has also made it important to have first-responders serve within the district, in order to keep students safe.

“Lt. Peters with the Warren County Sheriffs Office and Battalion Chief Doug Wehmeyer with the Deerfield Township Fire Department have been key players in many of the strategies we have implemented to keep our facilities safe,” Waldmann said.

Along with keeping facilities safe, Waldmann introduced a weather station to Kings which includes a lightning detection system that makes the campuses safer during bad weather. This is also a big help for referees when sports events are going on.

But now, it’s time to retire. Waldmann said he is not done working with schools, though, He plans on keeping a part time job and working with other schools on similar issues he’s dealt with at Kings, along with traveling the country to visit his family.

As for naming his legacy, Waldmann says that’s something that will come in time. He does believe that the district is in better shape than when he first started — which is what counts most to him. He credited many of his achievements to those he has worked with.

“Their thoughts and input have driven a lot of what I have addressed in this district and they deserve as much credit for their input and recommendations,” he said.

Waldmann’s priority has been to serve those in the community since the beginning, and even after retirement he certainly isn’t going to be forgetting that.

“I count myself very fortunate to have been able to work at Kings for so many years,” Waldmann said.

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